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Our President and Patrons


Sir Frederic Strickland-Constable

'When I first heard about music therapy, now many years ago, I can remember being surprised that I had never thought about living in a world where I could not communicate with those around me. To be so confused or frightened of my surroundings, for instance, that I had lost the power of speech. Imagine that.

Imagine then meeting someone who could understand my feelings and help me express them by making up music to which I could respond. Not just listen to some prewritten music, but make music for me and with me. It is this that music therapists strive to achieve. This communication can lead at the least to a happiness that is often missing from the clients’ lives, but often to a building of confidence and communication that can transform those lives.

Over many years we have strived to illustrate the benefits of music therapy to the general public and to the many professionals in education and health in particular, who can commit the resources to make it available to those who need it. We are now in the position to move forward to expand our provision in Yorkshire and this development plan provides the programme by which we can achieve this.'




Ian McMillan, poet and musician

'The idea that the arts can make us into more complete human beings is proved every day by the dedicated therapists who, through skill and love, help people to communicate with themselves and with each other.'


Jane Horrocks, actress and singer

'Music should be available to everybody - it’s one of the few things that unites people.'


Prof. Helen Odell-Miller, researcher and music therapist

'The work of the Centre is crucial to the wellbeing of the people who use the service and I am delighted to be associated with it.'


Bramwell Tovey, conductor and composer

'When it comes to the therapeutic value of music I can’t even imagine the potential for this. I think we have only just begun to understand how the language of music can assuage people’s doubts and give feelings of hope, yearning, possibility and potential.'


Sir Willard White, bass-baritone and actor

'Music is such a powerful medium...where words stop, music takes us into unknown realms, opening up possibilities we never dreamt were possible.'